Ron Dos Maderas

Dos Guido Dos Maderas


Double Ageing

Old aged rum made with a triple process: the initial crianza stage and then two aging stages.

Alcohol content: 40% Alc. / Vol.

A truly exquisite rum is born, just like "Dos Maderas 5+3" and "Dos Maderas PX", it is handmade and aged previously in the Caribbean and then it is shipped to the Williams & Humbert facilities, where is it aged using the solera system. It is different from the other two of the range because it is left to age for 15 years: 10 years in the Caribbean and 5 in barrels that previously held wine at Don Guido. This rum is unique worldwide as it acquires tastes and nuances from the two ancient cultures that make it the "rum among all rums". That is why it is so popular among the most refined palates. It’s a real luxury for the most sybaritic.

Esquema de procesos

Dos Maderas Luxus rum is distinguished by its dark amber colour, with flecks of gold. The nose suggests very sweet, treacly, woody features. It has notes of almonds, white fruit and molasses. It tastes surprisingly sweet and has an appealing combination of alcohol with notes of wood and spices.

Drinking tips: as it is a top quality aged rum, it should be drunk alone or with a few ice cubes and for sybarites, as the main ingredient of select cocktails.